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Update from the Stephen Perse Foundation

Published on 19/06/20

Stephen Perse Foundation to re-open for further year groups from 22 June

Monday 22 June 

  • Dame Bradbury's and Rosedale House will welcome back Year 3 and 5. 
  • Dame Bradbury's will also welcome back Year 2 for two weeks.

Monday 29 June

  • From 29 June Rosedale House will invite back Year 4 pupils and Year 2 pupils to return to school. 

Monday 6 July

  • Dame Bradbury's will also welcome back Year 4 until the end of term.

For further information on our health and safety advice please refer to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) School Reopening Procedures - Information for parents. 

Key Worker provision 

Except for the year groups returning as part of the phased re-opening, the school sites are ONLY open to pupils who are classified as the children of key workers, and those children who are vulnerable. All key worker parents not in returning year groups are being asked to book through the Google Form.


Stephen Perse Foundation schools to re-open 1st June for selected age groups

Following the UK government's announcement that it is safe to open schools from 1 June for priority groups, the Stephen Perse Foundation will continue to offer teaching and learning through a combination of onsite provision where face-to-face contact can be delivered safely, and the remote learning programme so successfully established across our different schools since the end of March.

The Stephen Perse schools sites involved and the age groups affected are as follows:

  • Critical worker and vulnerable children provision will continue until the end of term,  operating at Salisbury Villas, Rosedale House and Dame Bradbury’s.

  • The priority year groups as identified by the government will move to onsite learning and/or remote provision: 

    • Nursery and Early Years provision will be taught wholly onsite in order to meet their developmental and wellbeing needs; any online teaching and learning will cease.

    • Year 1 will be taught mainly onsite supplemented with some remote teaching by specialist teachers.

    • Year 6 will receive a blended approach to teaching and learning, combining onsite provision with selective remote teaching to allow the pupils to benefit from the security of a ‘bubble’ approach to minimise contacts with others (Dame Bradbury’s and Rosedale House).

  • From 15 June Year 10 and Year 12 will be offered some onsite face-to-face contact in subjects where remote learning can be enhanced and supplemented. Full online teaching and learning to the normal summer timetable will continue for all year groups (Senior School and Sixth Form).

The Stephen Perse approach is to ensure our students continue to gain from the breadth of learning through our online programme but now, with the easing of restrictions, we can focus on wellbeing by safely developing socially distanced behaviour through reassurance from teachers. Personal contact has been a vital aspect of managing the move to our remote learning programme and key to its success. This will be further enhanced by thorough and considered planning of safe and supportive face-to-face contacts.  

For more information about the UK Government directive on schools reopening see: