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A Day of Discovery: Year 8 Explores Burghley House

Published on 24/06/24

Year 8 students Amandine T, Adela S, and Lizzie S tell us about the trip to Burghley House

On arrival, we were greeted with an informative talk about the Tudors and more specifically about William Cecil and his life. This was because he built Burghley House. We were told about how the house was built by William Cecil in 1555 and was finished in 1587, and some fun facts including how it has 76 chimneys (most of which are not even used).

We also learned about Cecil’s importance in the Elizabethan court and his close relationship with Elizabeth I. Cecil was ultimately expelled from the Elizabethan court for his role in the trial and execution of Mary Queen of Scots. Cecil prematurely sent Mary’s death warrant to the executioners without permission and so Elizabeth shifted him from his position of power. Then we had a tour. Every room in the house was lavishly decorated and the house was full of gorgeous paintings and portraits, each of which had its own particular story and role in history. After the tour, we had a quick lunch then walked over to the statue garden. It was full of unique statues and had a waterfall and a big lake. Then, we went back to school. It was a very successful trip!