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On the Slopes: Year 11 - 13 take to the Italian Alps

Published on 19/03/24

As the holiday season approached, we embarked on our annual ski trip to the enchanting Italian Alps. Our destination? The competitive ski village of Sestriere, perched high in the mountains of Italy, where World Champions train and which was also the location of the school downhill championships too. Perhaps in future years, we might compete!

We were fortunate to bask in the warmth of countless ‘bluebird’ days throughout our stay, offering the perfect backdrop for our snowy escapades. From beginners finding their footing on the slopes to seasoned skiers gracefully navigating the more challenging black runs, the three groups enjoyed their lessons, making significant strides in their skiing abilities.

For our advanced group, a day trip to France was a highlight, as we ventured to the far reaches of the Vialattea, also known as the ‘Milky Way’. Their instructor Umberto wanted them to experience different terrain and they really enjoyed the challenge of being able to show off what they’d learnt.

Fun was not only had on the slopes. From highly amusing quizzes that saw snow-outfits constructed from upcycled materials, to cinema trips to enjoy Timothee Chalamet appearing as Wonka, we spent our evenings sharing great Italian food and lots of laughter. One unforgettable evening, we embraced the tranquil beauty of the twilight hours with a magical snowshoeing expedition, climbing up to be able to look down on the ski village twinkling below. What better way to end our week than with some good music and a taste of après culture, admittedly chaperoned by their teachers. As the tunes played and laughter echoed through the crisp mountain air, a sense of gratitude was felt for the unforgettable memories from the week away.