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Stephen Perse Cambridge Junior School - Year 5 trip to Norwich Castle Museum

Published on 04/01/24

The Year 5 pupils embarked on an exciting trip to Norwich Castle. Upon arrival the pupils were divided into two groups, each group engaging in two different activities during the day. 

Stephen Perse Cambridge Junior School Year 5 trip to Norwich Castle MuseumOne activity was linked to our topic of crime and punishment. Two of the castle staff took on the roles of Mrs Johnson and Hannah Jarvis to take the pupils back in time. Hannah Jarvis (an actual prisoner at the castle) explained what life was like in the prison and shared her story of how she fell on hard times and had to resort to desperate measures to feed her family. She described the harsh conditions in the prison but did say that at least she has two meals a day. Mrs Johnson (the turn key) then explored the various methods of punishment that were once employed at the castle. The interactive nature of the activity, where a number of pupils were put in the stocks and had to turn the crank, facilitated a deeper understanding of the topic, and much giggling at their friends' punishments.

During the other activity, the pupils shifted their focus to a more creative theme – magical creatures. The castle's gallery provided a fascinating backdrop for this activity, as the pupils discovered a plethora of mythical beings and creatures. The highlight of the session involved the pupils creating their own magical creatures by combining features from two different animals. The creative process continued as they crafted stories about their newly invented creatures. To add an entertaining twist, the pupils then performed as their magical creatures, challenging their peers to guess the combination of animals used in their creation. This activity not only stimulated the pupils' imagination but also fostered collaboration and communication skills.

It was a great opportunity for the pupils to connect their classroom learning with real-world experiences. The combination of historical exploration and imaginative creation proved to be a well-rounded and engaging educational experience.