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Year 10 Iceland Trip

Published on 30/11/23

Year 10 student Dylan M tells us all about the Iceland trip.

Between Thursday 22 and Sunday 24 June, a group of Year 10 students and five teachers embarked on a once in a lifetime trip to Iceland. Although the weather was not like Britain’s summer it was still enjoyable as it contrasted to the recent heat.

We saw many incredible sights including visits to a lava tunnel formed by lava, lava fields full of solidified lava as well as the lava centre with an exhibition and short film about Iceland’s volcanoes and how Iceland came into existence in the first place. Also, we saw two unbelievable waterfalls: Seljalandsfoss and Gullfoss. Between stops at the different locations, we saw Icelandic houses, livestock, volcanoes and much more.

Visiting waterfalls were not the only unusual activity that we did, that was to do with water. We saw two of only 480 geysers around the world. As well as this, most people completed a Viking push up on the Sólheimajökull glacier to take a drink from some of the freshest water in all of the world. Many people considered the glacier walk as the best activity, despite the almost constant rain during it because of the unique crampons we wore and the scenery since it looked so surreal. Everybody also enjoyed swimming in the secret lagoon. The food was excellent too with a pizza buffet on the first night, meals at the hotel and a visit to an ice cream farm, where we tried one of the Icelandic peoples’ favourite foods.

Overall it was an extremely incredible trip and all of the students were very lucky for the experience and for the teachers, who helped provide it.