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Stephen Perse Forest School

Published on 06/02/23

Our pupils have had a busy week at Forest School taking full advantage of our beautiful surroundings. Here is a rundown of what they have been doing:


Reception class listened to the story of Magpie and his nest. The pupils then created their own nests in the forest using items they found on the forest floor. They also used the hammers and drills to create their own versions of bird houses.


Kindergarten class reminded themselves of the fiery fox book they had read last session, and how we have safe fires and the equipment we need to stay safe. They also read Moles Hill which linked to our topic of dinosaurs. They then went on an excavating mission to dig for dinosaur bones!


Reception class had a windy session! We decided to get the tent out and make a shelter around it. The children set to work to set up camp, adding chairs, beds and a camp fire. They all squeezed in and had a treat of hot chocolate.


Kindergarten class are all about the fairies of our forest at the moment and what magical powers they bring. We discovered some more golden treasure left to us and discussed what magical superpower we would like to have.


Kindergarten class went for a walk to Madingley Hall to discover signs of spring. They found carpets of snowdrops in the forest and spotted some wild mushrooms which they identified. They made bird feeders using cereal and orange husks, the children took them home to watch the birds in their own gardens.