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Evil diesel truck

Published on 09/03/22

Evil diesel truck that got stuck in the mud.

Evil diesel truck that got stuck in the mud

(Cinematic shot)


         Cars are amazing, magical and complex. But are they good for the environment? Can we sustain them? This blog is all about what damage diesel cars can do to the planet and how we can solve them! 

This big, thirsty 4x4 is drenched in leaves and trees. Maybe it got too thirsty, and with no diesel station nearby, it was left to rot with no fuel to sustain itself?

(This is actually a Lego jeep, shhhhh!)

Cool fact, 

These multi-carriers/heavy duty, as cool as they are, cause global warming. According to studies, each new Wrangler vehicle has the potential to a 14-metric-ton reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, the equivalent to: Greenhouse gas emissions of three passenger cars, driven for a year. Carbon dioxide equivalent output from 7.7 tons of coal burned in a power plant.

This photo symbolises how big, multi-passenger vehicles are causing damage to the planet, to a wonderful world, however - you can use an electric vehicle, saving the planet and maybe not meeting the same fate of overgrowth of the yellow diesel truck.

Credits: voluntary yellow jeep, very heroic to have stepped out of the crowd and volunteered to be included in the amazing photo. The truck stands out in this photo, round of applause! Can we just take a moment to appreciate the attendance of… Compliments to be continued…


Truck supply (even though the truck volunteered itself) = Harry

Standby supporter = Ollie

Resources supplier = Yibo and Dario 

Heroic truck  (Self volunteer)

By Harry, Dario, Ollie