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Uncovering the UN

Published on 25/01/22

We’ve all heard of the UN, but what does it do and what happens inside of it? To find out, read on!

The UN

Sourced from Pell Center

The UN is a group of 193 individual countries, it brings nations together with the domineering goal of global peace and safety. Think of it as a global peacekeeping society, the world's problem solver. It brings countries closer, more united and creates a myriad of opportunities. It also solves international problems like climate change.

Each country has its own ‘delegate’ these are the spokesmen, the ambassador, he speaks for his country but he/she doesn’t solely make the decisions. Every delegate has one vote for their represented country and nobody has extra power or bargaining rights.

The UN was founded in 1945 after world peace took to staggering blows, WW1 & 2. Fifty five countries joined and even though they were the first countries everyone is treated equally. It was made with the thought to avoid another war but has now increased its means by a tenfold.

What's a SDG?

The SDGs - sourced from National Geographic

The SDGs (sustainable development goal)are a set of goals made by the UN to improve life for the population, stop global warming and generally improve life, not just for the majority of people, but for EVERYONE! We have to follow the goals and by 2030 global warming will be stopped, you have to keep three things in mind: social progress, economic development and climate.

Why is goal 16 important?

SDG 16 - sourced from Sustainable development

goals in the Kyrgz republic

Goal 16 is the penultimate goal and is peace, justice and strong institutions. Justice is when if you do something wrong you get punished fittingly. Peace is no conflict and this means nobody gets harmed. Strong institutions are strong roads, schools, bridges. These are the baseplates for building a civilised and advanced society. 

What can WE do to help SDG16?

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You might just be sitting there and wondering “What on earth can I do, one person doesn't make a difference.” Well you’re wrong, even if one person might not make a colossal difference but if everybody pitched in and did their part then that would be a LOT of people, making a BIG difference. 

You can make a presentation to raise awareness for refugees or do a sponsored run for charity, why not run a party and make peace in your neighbourhood by getting to know one another. The possibilities are endless, have fun and pitch in to do your part to improve YOUR planet, YOUR civilization. 

How what we are learning in school is linked to SDG16

Sourced from greater good magazine 

In school our learning title is sticks and stones, this means conflict and is linked to the popular phrase ‘stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me’. SDG16 is; peace, justice and strong institutions. Conflict is battle, in battle institutions are razed, people commit terrible things and get away with it. This is why sticks and stones are linked to SDG16.