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Uncovering The UN

Published on 25/01/22

More about the UN and the global SDGs

By Ellie C


All images from pixabay 

Do you want to know more about the UN? Well, read on to find out more… 

The Basics of the UN…

The UN was created to help prevent many new wars and to help countries improve how much they argue.

They also try to give everyone in every nation food and water, shelter, medicine, a clean environment, dignity and safety. 

The UN works by voting. Mostly for the highest position, the Secretary General (the leader of the UN). Their job is to speak for all the people in the world, they make sure all nations have a say.

The SDGs…

Image from pixabay

The SDGs are the Sustainable Development Goals. In total there are 17 SDGs, all are listed in the image above. And the UN hopes to achieve the SDGs by 2030. That’s only 9 years to go! And this was written on the 30 November 2021! So that’s 8 years and 1 month to go!

What the SDGs are aiming for…

The SDGs are aiming to create a safe place for everyone to live, whilst keeping our planet a safe place for humans to live. The SD part of the SDG (sustainable development) helps to stop climate change, making sure that our planet stays our planet for this generation and many more.

Why this is important…

It is very important to keep these goals and the UN because we need fresh water, clean air and good food. But many problems include climate change, damaging animals (including us!), and us poisoning the air!

We can help achieve these goals by holding fundraisers, donating old things you don’t want, and giving to the poor. These aren’t the only things you can do. There are many other things you can do. Maybe you can think of your own?

Image from pixabay.