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My 3 Favourite Fencing Attacks

Published on 25/01/22

These are my 3 favourite fencing attacks.

No. 1 - The lunge

The lunge - one of my favourite attacks because it stretches you out forwards so if you can't directly hit them you can lunge because then you can reach.

No. 2 - The 1, 2 

The 1, 2 - is an attack where you distract the opponent by faking on one side then you go round their blade and attack them on the other side. They have no chance of stopping it.

No. 3 - The riposte

The riposte is one of my favourite attacks because the way you do it is you wait for them to attack you the way you can parry riposte them. The parry is a defensive move used to gain right of way and when you have parried you should riposte as it will be your hit even if they hit you first.