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Sixth Form Cabaret

Published on 12/11/21

The evening of Thursday 4 November 2021 marked the much anticipated return to live performances for the Drama department.

Our senior school hall was transformed for one night only, into a candle-lit, forest-themed jazz bar, with audience members seated at tables. Talented students from Years 12-13 (plus two guest performers from Year 10) dazzled us with a wide variety of highly entertaining acts, introduced throughout by our fabulous comperes for the evening, Yvonne and Oliva.

The sixth form cabaret was organised by a student committee and raised nearly £400 for The Kite Trust. 

Here are some comments from some of the students involved:

“The cabaret was a fantastic collaborative experience.” 

“A lovely evening filled with extremely talented acts ranging from emotionally jarring songs to humorous saxophone duets.”

“It was amazing to have a proper live audience after so long performing to an iPad for recordings. There were lots of teachers and students coming to support the performers and enjoying the show, and the atmosphere was great. It ran smoothly and felt professional. I really enjoyed performing and watching the other acts too.”

“I really enjoyed setting up for the cabaret - a lot of planning went into it but it was worth all the effort to see the room decorated and to watch all the performances at the end!”

“My favourite part of the cabaret was the compèring, which was pretty fortunate considering I helped write the script.”

“As a performer, although it had been a while since I had performed live due to COVID, the audience was welcoming and the atmosphere was friendly and calm. The hall looked transformed with all the decorations, and I had a great time despite being a little nervous beforehand!”

“I absolutely adored [the band] Long Furby. The homemade mascot, the outfits, the song. The drummer let me wear their cloak, and for a moment I ascended onto another plane of existence.”

“As part of the tech crew for the sixth form cabaret, I was given a range of tasks, which included setting up and taking apart the mics and drum kit on stage, as well as doing the lights and followspot during the event. Doing the lights and followspot for the event allowed me a large amount of freedom to make decisions with the performers about what their lighting would look like. Having the input of the performers themselves while making these decisions I think vastly improved the quality of the cabaret.”

“The stage lighting effects sparkled in a distinct jaw dropping style and atmosphere for each performance.”

“The compères were great!”