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Year 5 Collaboration day

Published on 18/10/21

Finally after a long two-year wait, Year 5 pupils were able to meet up again in person for a Collaboration Day.

Following Year 5s theme of migration, the whole year group migrated over to the Senior School.

Activities included creating stop motion animations to track the various journeys that migrants have taken across the world through the ages. They wrote letters to refugee children arriving in Britain, welcoming them to our country and telling them a little about our lives. Finally they considered the fact that before long they would be making the journey to the Senior School as new Year 7s. 

In order to discover more about what will be their new environment, they went on a scavenger hunt around the Senior School. Old friendships were cemented and new bonds formed. The highlight of the day was lunch in the canteen, summed up by Izzy’s comment “I can’t wait to go to the Senior School!”