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Dame Bradbury's uses origami, 3D models and more to develop their spatial learning skills

Published on 05/05/21

Last week lessons across Dame Bradbury's Junior School focused on spatial learning, the ability to perceive, analyse, and understand visual information in the world around them.

Spatial learning allows pupils to come at problems from different angles, and show resilience in being prepared to adapt and change plans as learning progresses.

Pupils developed their spatial learning skills in a number of creative and original ways such as Year 1 using Lego and marble runs to increase their spatial awareness.

 Year 2 converted their 2D adventure maps into 3D models of their landscapes.

Year 3 experimented making different shapes with tangrams, a square dissected into seven pieces. They were imaginative with the different shapes they could make from the pieces!

Year 4 utilised a number of different mediums to create models of the school. Many of the pupils took this as an opportunity to incorporate digital learning and use Minecraft to create realistic buildings.

 Year 5 and 6 loved learning a new skill - making origami! They were surprised at how they found some shapes easy to make and some proved to be more difficult!