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Remembrance poetry: We must remember

Published on 11/11/20

For Remembrance Day, and as part of their ‘Sticks and Stones’ theme, Year 6 were asked to write a  poem about what Remembrance or war means to them.

Amy thought through her choices of language carefully to create a sombre tone to her poem:

The dark, the dust, the deep sorrow
It haunts their memories
It’s something no one can forget 
Something they are cursed to see

The horror, the blood
Just seeing it, 
It makes you want to help
Like a nightmare it rains down, like poison, trying to kill

The gas is a death mark,
As they scream, as they gasp
The mud, the dirt
It’s a horrible place to be

A place of hell,
A place of sin,
They are brave to go
“To die with honour, to save our land”
Is what they used to say

They did this for our country,
For us,
Their honour will forever remain
Let us thank, let us pray, 
For the souls to live.