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A look back at this week's lessons across the Foundation

Published on 29/01/21

Nursery and Early Years

Madingley Kindergarten class weathered the cold conditions at the start of the week when they discovered a frozen lake during their forest school session. They explored why not all water freezes and looked at the difference in their footprints in the snow compared to their classmates.

Dame Bradbury’s Heliodor class both at home and on-site used any materials they could find to create dinosaur habitats as they discovered more about what the planet looked like when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

Junior Schools

Dame Bradbury’s students were also inspired by the cold weather by making snowflake designs from salt. After adding paint they explored how the paint travelled along the salt.

As part of their ‘people who help us’ topic, Year 1 wanted to give back to the community so they dropped off cupcakes for workers in a local retirement home.

Every day in Year 2 the class looked forward to their daily puzzle that helps to engage their thinking skills.

Year 6 Rosedale House pupils experimented with different shots and filters to create some great digital art pieces.

Senior School

 “Habit is a cable; we weave a thread each day, and at last we cannot break it.” ―Horace Mann.

Year 7 have been getting into the habit of making comprehensive notes during their Chinese lessons to help them with their learning.

Sixth Form

January 27 marked Holocaust Memorial Day so our Sixth Form students had an assembly dedicated to learning more about groups that helped those who were being persecuted. You can read more on Holocaust Memorial Day and what our Sixth Formers learnt here.

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