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Sixth Form medicine, dentistry and veterinary applicants participate in mock interviews

Published on 13/11/20

Students applying to medical, veterinary and dentistry schools now have to participate in multiple interviews at many universities when they are called for an interview. Known as ‘Multiple Mini’s’ (MMI) these normally represent around 10 different tests or stations as part of the interview process, designed to assess a range of skills in everything from dexterity to ethics.

The Sixth Form at Stephen Perse has always offered mock interviews in all subjects (including panel interviews in Medicine where required), but now the provision of mock MMI over the last few years has become an annual event involving much amusement for staff and students alike and a thoroughly enjoyable evening. 

Faced by challenges this year that medical, dentistry and veterinary schools will be switching their MMI process online to virtual interviews, Dr Allison Curry, the Foundation’s Head of Guidance and Careers, also faced student and staff absence for the usual MMI event in school. Using the well-established online teaching and learning strategies at Stephen Perse, Dr Curry employed the use of Google Meet and a team of staff volunteers to ensure the event went ahead as planned, an example of one of the many ongoing Guidance adaptations to COVID restrictions. 

Dr Curry commented; “With the support of our multi-talented staff and our online capabilities, we enabled all of our students to be interviewed at seven different stations regardless of where they were in Cambridgeshire.” 

“The process involved an examination of all the core values needed to enter medical school”, Dr Curry continued: “Students faced role play dealing with hysterical patients, challenging drug calculations, ethical and motivational questioning amongst other challenges.” 

Image shows Priya and Georgina, two of Sixth Form Medical applicants who took part in the Mock interviews at the MMI mock event.