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The Bionic Men visit years 5 and 6

Published on 01/07/20

Children in Year 5 and 6 across the foundation recently enjoyed a hugely informative 'Google Meet' session with two of the world's most renowned Bionic people. Rob Spence - 'The EyeBorg' -  joined us from his home in Toronto whilst  Prof. Dr Bertold Meyer joined the meeting from his University in Chemnitz, Germany and told us of his life with his bionic arm.

Pupils were left watching in awe and wonder as 'The Eyeborg' showed us how he could take photos and record with his bionic eye. He showed us his 'collection' of eyes and even demonstrated how he puts his eye in and takes it out again!

Bertold Meyer spoke about his early days with his disability and how his robotic arm had enhanced his life. He told us of his love of music and demonstrated his amazing ability to link his arm to his synthesizer. Through both the power of his thought and nerve endings linked to his bionic arm, he could create music directly from his arm!

Many thanks to Mr David Vintiner, Year 6 parent at Dame Bradbury's, who coordinated the event for us. Mr Vintinter has recently been involved in a photographic project looking at the incredible world of bionic enhancements, and he kindly invited both of our guests to join us.

Thanks too to the pupils of Year 5 and 6 for their great questions to the bionic men. It was a Google Meet unlikely to be forgotten by anyone lucky enough to have been there!