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A message from the Vice Principal and Executive Director of the Stephen Perse Foundation

Published on 23/03/20

Tracy Handford, Vice Principal said: 

“The Stephen Perse Foundation has a well-deserved reputation for pioneering innovation in teaching and learning. As a community of learners, staff and students, we have all embraced the changes and opportunities presented by the technological revolution. Whilst retaining an academic focus, schools across the Foundation have harnessed the potential of digital learning. Creative pedagogy supported by technology ensures that our learners are offered a full and robust educational experience from Early Years through to Sixth Form.” 

Tracy continues: “From Monday 23rd March our remote school will provide the vital educational framework essential for the wellbeing and progress of our students. This will continue throughout the time our sites are closed.  It would be a tragedy if a generation of children lost their passion for learning at this time; we shall do our best to ensure this does not happen.” 

Jenny Neild, Executive Director said: 

“Our distinctive approach will be critical during this time of social distancing and isolation. The positivity, dedication and commitment to the education and welfare of our students from our teaching and professional support staff is a testament to our supportive community.  That the Stephen Perse Foundation is able to operate as a remote school is the result of years of strategic and operational planning.  We are ready to deliver today and for the future.”