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Years 9 and 10 pupils compete at the Perse Science Quiz

Published on 11/03/20

A team of four from Years 9 and 10 recently competed in a science quiz at The Perse. The following write up of the event was written by Maggie in Y9.

We had a great time at the Perse Science Quiz. The quiz was separated into three parts: Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Within these sections, we had to do practicals and general knowledge which we enjoyed a lot. In the Physics practical, we had to measure the tipping angle of a bottle depending on how much water it contains. In the Biology practical, we had to identify substances by smell and looking under a microscope. In the Chemistry practical, we had to come up with different structures of a compound. We had to allocate people to do certain tasks: if two people were doing the practical then the other two would have to do the general knowledge. We did this throughout the afternoon and it was a great experience.

The team ended the quiz in 4th place - well done team!