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Making the world a fairer place

Published on 21/01/20

By Tamar

The UN national goals for sustainable development 

Do you know what the UN is? Have you ever wondered what we can help the world and the people that have troubles in it? If so then read on. The UN (United Nations) is a group that stands for global peace and for the world to become a better place. 

In 1945, after the Second World War, a small group of countries came together to form the United Nations, to stop more devastating attacks or wars on earth. Since 1945 it has been growing and growing and now (2019) the UN has 193 members. The UN has a secretary general (António Guterres) who is in charge. of the UN. The person in charge will change every so often. The UN's main goal is to improve life for everyone. Each country is one vote when they have a vote. All the world's leaders who are in the UN will go and meet in various sizes old building's. 

This year the UN released the global goals for sustainable development. These are goals to be achieved by 2030. The Goals include no poverty, zero starvation, gender equality and much more. The sustainable goals are, in my opinion, something that will bring the best change. All the goals are equally as important and I hope we can achieve them by 2030.

One goal I personally love is goal 16, peace justice and and strong institution. This goal is all about making the world a fairer place. Peace is one of the greatest things we can have and it is important to have it. Justice is something that doesn't always happen and sometimes we make mistakes when trying to unforced justice yet sometimes it may seem harsh what we are doing to make my his happen.I think this goal is one of the most important ones as its purpose is to spread peace.

Our learning is very much linked to our in school learning. In history we are learning about world conflicts and the United Nations. We have also been looking at the Syrian war. Earlier this term we visited the American World War 2 cemetery and saw how many people have suffered the hardship of destruction and war. If this goal was achieved then we would not have to go through the destruction of war and the world would be at least a little bit more peaceful. We can all help to get these goals done by trying to be at least a little more peaceful and respective.