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Sticks and Stones

Published on 21/01/20

By Dasha

Senior School Visit
In Year six, we had a special Science Senior school trip in which we looked at separating techniques and had our first encounter with a Bunsen Burner. We learnt all of the different parts of a Bunsen Burner before actually trying to light and control one. When we lit it we had to open and close the air hole to make the flame bigger by letting in oxygen. We learnt how to make a safety flame and roaring flame by increasing and decreasing the amount of air and gas that make their way to the flame. It was really interesting to know so much and  try to control a Bunsen burner. 

In sport year 5 and 6 girls had a house competition. We still played hockey but we were split into our houses (Rose, Cattely, Sutherland, Kennet, Street, Clark and Pollock). Every house played every other house so it was fair. 7 houses meanes 1 house has to be off the pitch. Every house had around 7-9 people so in some cases a few members had to be off, but it has to be fair for everyone, so everyone has a turn being off and we switched around halfway through a match. We played around 3 games so next time we were going to play the remaining games. Good Luck to Everyone! 

Sticks & Stones
Our year 6 topic at the moment is sticks and stones. We are learning about the war and other types of conflict. We focus on this in our English lessons and discuss conflict that we have heard of and are learning about. We like to share our opinions and listen to others. We have learnt that conflict can be as small as siblings fighting over the TV remote, and as big as a proper war between countries.