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The aim of the Sports Department in the Junior School is to enable all children, whatever their ability, to receive a positive experience of sport.

Junior sport

Our purpose is to develop each pupil’s physical ability to the highest possible level, to foster an interest in the subject and to encourage the pupils to see the relevance and importance of sport in everyday life. 

The department seeks to maintain high standards in the teaching and learning of sport by working together as a team to bring out the best in pupils, in the context of The Stephen Perse Foundation’s aim and core values.

Pupils experience competition through inter-house events and those in Years 4, 5 and 6 have the opportunity to represent the school in various fixtures during the week and at weekends. 

The department has a strong commitment to extra-curricular activities and pupils have the opportunity to pursue sports such as judo, football, hockey, netball, tennis and cricket, either at lunchtime or after school.

Specialist teaching in sport is provided for all pupils from Year 3 in a combination of single, double and triple periods, using indoor and outdoor areas at the Junior and Senior Schools, and the facilities at the Sports Field in Latham Road. Swimming is taught at The Leys School.

Exemption from Sport 

Pupils attending school are expected to participate in all lessons, including Sport. If for some reason a pupil is unable to take part in a sports lesson s/he should bring a note of explanation from a parent and alternative arrangements will be made for him/her. In the majority of cases s/he will be required to accompany the form and observe the lesson. This may involve walking to the Sports Field.

Mouth-guards: an important safety message for all pupils 

We have a very clear policy that the wearing of custom fitted mouth-guards is essential whilst playing contact sports. Children who are not wearing a mouth-guard will not be permitted to participate in any hockey game situations, either in lessons or fixtures. We invite OPRO, the dental mouth-guard organisation to the Junior School annually to take impressions for those who have ordered a mouth-guard. 

The quality of the mouth-guards, which are individually named, is excellent and, in addition, the model of your child’s mouth is kept by the OPRO laboratory, so that a replacement can be easily supplied at a lower cost. Alternatively a spare guard can be ordered with the original order at a reduced price. The mouth-guard price also includes very comprehensive dental insurance in the event of injury. It is now a very strong recommendation by the Rugby Football Union, the Hockey Association and the British Dental Association that all children should be fitted with these. If your child already has a mouth-guard, please check that it still fits. 

If you wish to order an OPRO mouth-guard for your child please make direct contact with the company, using the information which has been distributed to all pupils or via their website.