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Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum 

Pre-Prep pupilsThere are seven areas of learning in the Early Years curriculum. Our children are taught skills in all the areas of learning through a combination of teacher guided lessons and children’s independent exploration of activities.

The weekly timetable outlines when the areas of learning are being taught. We believe that there are some skills that children need more practise and therefore these areas have more focus in the timetable.

1. Communication and language

We encourage children to speak and listen in a range of situations and languages, so that they are confident at expressing themselves.

2. Personal, social and emotional development

This is helping our children to be proud of themselves and sensitive to others. For example, we might discuss how the weather makes us feel or play games in Circle Time.

3. Physical development

Is about children moving freely and with co-ordination in a variety of ways, through games, dance, chasing and throwing activities.

4. Literacy

Literacy learning involves daily reading plus activities such as drawing and labelling a picture or writing postcards.

5. Mathematics

Mathematical learning could include anything from using mathematical ideas to solve problems to practical weighing and measuring activities and playing number games.

6. Understanding of the world

We help our children explore and understand their surroundings, make comments and ask questions. So they might learn how to understand a weather forecast or make ice cubes to discover what happens to the water.

7. Expressive arts and design

We encourage our children to explore colour, texture and shape, use their imagination, explore different sounds made by instruments and have a go at role play. So they might create space pictures, make a papier mache hot air balloon or role play going to an airport.