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Late Stay enables parents to collect their child after the end of the school day. As it is seen as a continuation of the school day, all Rosedale House procedures, policies and expectations remain the same.

There is a designated Late Stay supervisor on duty from 3:30-6:00pm; s/he is supported by an assistant from 3:30pm-5:00pm. In the event of the supervisor being unavailable, Late Stay is supervised by a member of Rosedale House staff.

Late Stay routine

  • 3:30–4:00pm – registration and outdoor play, depending on the weather
  • 4:00–4:30pm – homework, reading or quiet activity
  • 4:30–5:00pm – optional light tea of sandwiches, fresh fruit and water or fruit juice
  • 5:00–6:00pm – completion of homework, art/craft activities and games
  • 6:00pm – Late Stay closes

Please note: Late Stay closes at 5:30pm at Madingley.


At morning registration all pupils whose parents wish them to attend Late Stay that day give their names to their form teacher. These are recorded on the Late Stay register so that the supervisor knows exactly who to expect and will ensure that these pupils sign into Late Stay. Both the arrival and departure time of every pupil is noted so that parents are invoiced appropriately.

At any time during the school day parents may telephone or email the Rosedale House Office and add or remove their child’s name to/from the Late Stay register. The pupil concerned will be notified.

During the hours of Late Stay the supervisor may be contacted via the Office.


Children are encouraged to complete their homework in Late Stay, especially if they stay later than 4:30pm. With their homework finished children are then able to relax when they arrive home. Support is given, where appropriate, to assist children in the completion of their homework.

First aid

The supervisor is kept fully briefed on pupils’ individual medical needs and there is a First Aider on site at all times.

Access to school after the end of the school day 

Parents/collectors arriving to collect children from Late Stay should come to the St Eligius Street Entrance of Rosedale House and ring the bell. They are admitted to the building by the Rosedale House office staff. Parents/collectors can then make their way to the room where Late Stay is based. 

Late Stay charges 

Rosedale House Late Stay charges are as follows: free until 4:30pm and then £1.50 per quarter hour thereafter. If pupils are not collected by the end of late stay, parents will incur a charge of £10 per each additional 10 minutes.

Please note that there are no exceptions to this, which means that charges are not waived if a sibling is attending a club or activity in any part of the Foundation. The Late Stay charge includes tea at 4:30pm.