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The School Office can be contacted on 01223 454700 or by email.

During term-time the School Office is open from 8.00am - 4.00pm and Reception is staffed from 7.45am - 6.15pm. The Receptionist can take a message for a student in an emergency. 

General correspondence should be addressed to your child's Tutor in the first instance. 

If you would like to see Dr Kemp, Head of the Senior School, please telephone his Personal Assistant on 01223 454723 to arrange an appointment. 

The Principal is available to see parents during term-time. Parents are asked to telephone the Principal's Personal Assistant on 01223 454724 to arrange an appointment. 

The Bursar's office may be contacted on 01223 454701. 

Email communication

Members of staff may be contacted by email. For routine matters, you should contact your child's Tutor directly by emailing 'form' (for example, to contact the Tutor for 7A, email: 

Please note that communications relating to absence should not be sent to the Tutor's email address but instead to (see Attendance for more information).

For more serious matters, you may wish to contact the Head of Senior School, Dr Kemp by email at

Please note:

Emails are often a helpful and convenient means of communication. However, many enquiries that may be sent to us by email require considerable consultation between staff before the best reply can be made. Additionally, members of teaching staff, including Tutors, are mainly in the classroom and, therefore, not accessible by email immediately. Consequently we ask that parents be aware that it may take a few days for a reply to come. 

An urgent message should always be delivered by telephone or an appropriately marked letter to the member of staff concerned, the School Office, or Reception.