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Biology is the study of living things. You will discover how plants and animals function and learn about the role of biology in society today, including its importance in environmental and technological contexts.

During biology lessons, you should begin to appreciate the complexity of the natural world and have the opportunity to develop your awareness of the significance of biology in everyday life. The topics covered in your first two years in the Senior School (see below) provide a secure foundation for the GCSE course.

In Year 7, you learn about the structure of living organisms, with a particular focus on humans. Practical work is employed wherever possible, for example in the observation of our own cells and the dissection of chicken legs. We also cover reproduction and end the year with ecology and a visit to the nature reserve.

In Year 8, you will study some of the functions of living organisms such as respiration, photosynthesis, breathing and digestion. We also introduce the topics of genetics and natural selection. As in the previous year, practical skills are taught alongside the theory and you will gain experience with a wider range of laboratory equipment and techniques.