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Some courses require an additional application form to be completed. These forms are sent or made available to the applicant online once their application has be received and processed past its first stage.

It is important to check to see if this is likely to be required as, typically, very little turnaround time is given for the return of such forms. In order to discriminate between applicants with very similar or identical results at GCSE and AS Level, university courses are increasingly opting for their own tests which are done in advance of any interview and may be used as part of a de-selection process.

Admissions testing

Tests are used by a number of universities, not just Oxford and Cambridge. Oxford uses the tests to de-select students – sometimes quite substantially. This would mean that a student who does not meet the cut-off point in the test will not be interviewed.  Cambridge may also do this in the future.

SAQ - Supplementary Application Questionnaire (Cambridge)

Cambridge also have the SAQ (Supplementary Application Questionnaire). This is sent to students direct from Cambridge after their application has been received. It has a tight deadline so you should be ready for it. It is your chance to make specific points about the particular application to the particular Cambridge course.

Please note: This is an area of significant change and that all applicants are advised to check the requirements of their chosen course at the time that they apply. At the moment, we expect more of these tests to be required.

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