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We are looking for bright, curious young people who love to learn. Inspiring teaching, a huge variety of activities, great facilities and a warm, supportive community do the rest.

What is education for, if not to help us fulfil our dreams? Across our schools we truly understand what makes each young person tick, from the age of 1 to 18. By recognising our pupils as individuals - with unique hopes, talents and ambitions - we unlock their true potential. 

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Life is an adventure and we help our boys and girls embrace it with confidence, independence and joy.


Rosedale House

At the Stephen Perse, we want our pupils to have bright, enquiring minds.

Junior School


Dame Bradbury's

At Dame Bradbury's, each child is taken on an individual journey, leaving with an exceptional skill set to take on their next steps in education.

Dame B's

Senior School

Learning at the Stephen Perse is about fuelling curiosity, creativity and independence whilst promoting logical and analytical thinking.

Senior School


Sixth Form

Our Sixth Form buzzes with enthusiasm, energy and ambition.

6th Form



Education needs to prepare young people for life beyond tests, exams and certificates. Our pupils gain an exceptional skill-set. They leave us ready to achieve their dreams."

tricia kelleher